Quality products create customer loyalty, create memorable drinks and most importantly - make or break a coffeehouse. Only half of sales from coffee margins are relatively fixed so secondary products will make or break your business. Solidify your business with consistency that allows versatility + fun.

We have all been taught to understand that dollar profit is the most important measure of menu mix success. Despite a 10% COGS, a bottled beverage could provide $1.80 of profit. A frozen drink that costs $5 or $6 may have a 30% COGS but adds an impressive $4.20 in profit. The combination of profit potential and the higher likelihood a guest ordering several times a week, means frozen drink offering is a crucial aspect of accelerating your business this season.

FROZENTA makes it easy to deliver consistent quality frozen drinks with the right value already built in. Frequency with your customers builds that share of wallet via fun + ‘craveable' drink creations that keep them coming into your business! Hundreds of independent coffee shops across the USA use our products daily to make profitable, delicious frozen drinks for their loyal customers.

Frozen drinks may surge during warmer months, but they are consistent performers all year round. Which is why revisiting your menu and offerings is an opportunity for profit.

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