Offering Quality Drinks Benefits Your Business and Your Customers

When considering what products to offer your customer, two considerations define the value that product will drive for your business.

  • Business
  • Wholesale Cost
The Wholesale cost of the product is equally important
  • Reasonable wholesale costs can increase your margins
  • Provide you consumer pricing flexibility
  • Allows you to leverage the product for customer loyalty or to increase the share of wallet.

The combination of quality and cost determines the value a product will create for your business. That value is essential in deciding if a product is a good fit for you and your customers. Having a product that can add to your bottom line while enhancing the quality of the products you sell to your customers is always a winning combination!

In the world of coffee shop supplies and products, there is no shortage of options. From equipment manufacturers to food providers, everyone is vying for your business. The same can be said for the frozen drink market. Tons of options, tons of variations, and all can do the basic job of providing a frozen drink for your customers.

That’s why Frozenta developed Polar Powder, an all-in-one base powder to create a myriad of frozen coffee and tea drinks. Coffee shops across the country believe Frozenta is a staple behind the counter, a must-have product to drive both revenue and value. Simply, Polar Powder is the differentiator in the frozen drink market.

Polar Powder by Frozenta can be used with your current coffee, sauces, and syrups to make any frozen drink. By eliminating multiple powders for frozen drinks, you reduce training and increase efficiency AND you have MORE COUNTER SPACE. Polar Powder elevates the quality of your frozen drinks to the next level while adding value to your business. HAPPY WORKERS, HAPPY CUSTOMERS, HAPPIER BANK ACCOUNT!

Frozenta also offers FREE shipping on all orders with no minimums which is immediate savings for your coffee shop. Polar Powder allows you to offer a better-quality drink to your customers, increases the number of drinks you can make per case, and is shipped to you for FREE!

Try it yourself by ordering Frozenta’s Mocha Sample Kit free of charge! You can give yourself and your employees the best brain freeze they’ve ever had by doing the following:

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