Who doesn’t love a frozen drink? It is a win-win for coffeehouses that offer these treats, 40% of sales are now frozen drinks. This short article explains why frozen drinks are fun + more profitable for your coffeehouse and how Polar Powder by FROZENTA can boost the fun in your business with impulse purchases and endless flavor combinations.

Sales for frozen drinks are largely driven by teens and millennials. But gen Z is loving them too - there is absolutely a wide appeal as over 50% of customers that come in after 3PM get a frozen drink, so that upticks traffic AND higher margins.

The ‘FUN’ with frozen drinks is built in to Polar Powder by FROZENTA, it allows new, interesting flavors, and the ability to mix + match colors and textures to create highly personalized drinks that reflect the season and your brand personality.



Frozen drinks can have an impressive ROI of 70%.

The simple ingredients that go into preparing frozen beverages make them a great product for growing profit margins while appealing to a wide audience all year round.  

The frozen drink category has tremendous potential to drive new consumers into your stores + build loyalty, provided you keep it interesting by constantly rotating both new and traditional flavors.  Founded in 2011, FROZENTA crafts powders and sauces for delicious frozen blended Coffee and Tea beverages that offer the perfect combination of smoothness and rich flavor. Hundreds of independent coffee shops across the USA use our products daily to make profitable, delicious frozen drinks for their customers.


We are able to offer a range of enticing frozen blended drinks because Polar Powder by FROZENTA is so versatile and the perfect base for all our frozen drinks. One delicious mix, endless flavor options. Choice + convenience fuels the Frozen drink market, according to Josiah Simms, National Freeze Manager for Polar Powder by FROZENTA. “Best advice I can offer to coffeehouse owners is don't let your frozen drink offerings get predictable or stagnant.” That’s where seasonal is a natural place to start with fun new flavors and combinations that customers will crave.


Month to month, over 50% of all frozen drinks were deemed impulse buys simply because the product looked yummy or the customer was intrigued by an interesting color or flavor cue in the varied marketing efforts. That is a big add to a bottom line!

‘Craveable’ creations that customers can order or other fun customization exploration is a crucial part of the consumer experience’, according to Natasha, Manager at Crimson Cup in Clintonville OH. Also adding that amazing photos of frozen drinks entice customers to try + ask about the fun options. A changing, refreshed menu coupled with amazing photography is the perfect combination to keep your customers craving frozen drinks while staying loyal to your business.

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