Coffee Shops That Maximize Their Space, Maximize Their Profits

With the average footprint of a mid-sized apartment, the physical space in a coffee shop is always at a premium. As a coffee shop owner, you must utilize every square foot to maximize your shop’s potential and product offerings to your customers.

The expresso machine, grinders, blenders, and cash register all take up a predictable amount of counter space. Then you come to products you have a little more control over like your syrups, sauces, and powders. A shop owner wants to offer variety and a diverse menu but doesn’t want a crowded counter. This is where Polar Powder by Frozenta can help!

Most companies that provide blending powders for frozen drinks offer 5 or more different varieties you must purchase to make 5 or more different drinks. Polar Powder allows a coffee shop to offer a large array of flavored frozen drinks using a single all-in-one mix. Polar Powder can be used with ANY coffee and ANY syrup/sauce you currently use. Whether you are making a classic Frozen Mocha, or a Frosted Sugar Cookie White Mocha, Polar Powder is the only mix your shop needs to carry.

Using Polar Powder will not only create more space in your shop, allowing you to carry other products, but it allows you to expand your menu. When combined with sauces and powders, Polar Powder offers combinations limited only by your imagination and your taste. Not only will your menu get bigger, so will your customer base. And our easy recipes lead to satisfied staff, repeat visitors, and most importantly, a healthy bottom line.

Polar Powder is such a game changer for businesses, and you can try it for FREE! Start your brain freeze now and taste for yourself.

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