A Versatile Product Will Maximize Your Profits

Product versatility is a huge bonus to any business owner. The more ways you can use and implement the same product in different situations, the more value it adds for your customers and to your bottom line.

In coffee shops, the versatility of different products can often impact the size of your menu and what drinks you are able to offer your customers. The great example of a versatile product in a coffee shop is syrups and sauces. One bottle of syrup can be used to flavor hot, iced, or frozen drinks. Take the syrup example and multiply it by how many different syrups your shop offers, how many different combinations of those same syrups can be mixed, and you have just exploded your menu to offer your customers an untold number of options.

Frozen drinks have been on the rise in coffee shops across the country. On average they account for more than 40% of a shop’s sales. The one hurdle that most shops face in the frozen drink department is the blending mix used to create flavored frozen drinks. There are companies out there that require a different mix for each drink you make. A classic frozen mocha requires the mocha blending powder. If you want to make a chocolate and peanut butter frozen drink, you need to use the peanut butter powder. All the different combinations take time for your employees to learn, space above or below the counters to store all the powders, and if the wrong powder is used, you must throw it all away and start over.

Polar Powder from Frozenta erases all those issues. Polar Powder is a versatile blending powder that is used as a frozen drink base to make hundreds of flavorful, high-profit beverages. Use Polar Powder with any existing brand of coffee and syrups your shop currently uses. Want to make a White Chocolate Mocha or a Peanut Butter Toffee frozen drink? Polar Powder will make them both. Your employee’s training curve is shortened because they only use one powder. And you’ve freed up extra space for other products/more storage because you are only storing one powder.

Polar Powder can make a huge impact on the quality and value you already provide to your customers, not to mention, the profits it adds to your businesses bottom line. You can try it for FREE by ordering their Mocha Sample Kit and taste it for yourself.

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