The Pricing Advantage with Frozenta

For every small business, success means paying strict attention not only to your products, services, and employees, but to the bottom line. And as a partner with hundreds of coffee shops in 36 states, Frozenta’s products, customer service and consistent quality offer coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants the flexibility to create an unlimited variety of blended drink combinations from a single powder. The result is a business partnership with a built-in pricing advantage, one that helps make your business more profitable.

Frozenta manufactures and sells powders and sauces for delicious frozen blended coffee and tea beverages, and now has hundreds of independent coffee shops across America that use its products daily to make profitable, delicious frozen drinks for their customers. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients, designed to be easy to use, and they produce consistently delicious results. The result is happier customers, who can count on a high-quality tasty beverage, and happier business owners, who have less waste and higher margins. Frozenta's products are also affordable, which makes them a great value for coffee shops. The fact that Frozenta offers free standard shipping directly to coffee shops also helps keep a lid on costs for the coffee entrepreneur, increasing your profitability.

Frozenta offers a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from, so coffee shops can create the perfect frozen drinks for their customers. Savvy coffee shop owners know that customers increasingly demand a broader menu, driven by huge consumer demand for frozen drinks. A good frozen drink menu is the key to higher daily sales, and larger margins. Frozenta Polar Powder can be the cornerstone of that program. And since Polar Powder is typically priced about one-third cheaper than its competitors, it offers entrepreneurs a distinct pricing advantage from the first scoop.

That advantage holds true with all Frozenta products. Our sauces, syrups, and smoothie mixes are not only competitively priced, but available to the customer with free standard shipping and no minimum order. That means that you can keep a close eye on inventory, and order multiple times a week and never have to pay any sort of freight or shipping charge.

But Frozenta products help the coffee shop entrepreneur make money in other, more subtle ways. Since coffee shops often operate within limited space, typically comparable to the size of a large one-bedroom apartment, every aspect of the shop's design and layout must maximize the available square footage. This includes decisions regarding seating arrangements, counter space, kitchen layout, and even office design.

Polar Powder by Frozenta can be a valuable asset for coffee shops in optimizing their inventory management within limited space. Since Polar Powder is a versatile product that can be used to make a wide variety of frozen drinks, it replaces the need for recipes that require multiple ingredients and different equipment. Coffee shops can streamline their inventory by keeping a compact supply of Polar Powder; a shelf-stable product with a long shelf life, Polar Powder can be stored efficiently without the need for refrigeration or extensive storage space. This allows coffee shops to free up valuable room for other essential items or create a more efficient workflow within their limited space. And since hospitality staff has a high turnover rate, you can be confident that Polar Powder's simplicity eliminates much of the training curve associated with making frozen drinks. The straightforward process allows new employees to quickly grasp the steps and produce high-quality frozen beverages without extensive training.

The ease and speed of making frozen drinks with Polar Powder contribute to optimizing productivity in a small coffee shop. With the ability to prepare frozen beverages quickly, coffee shop staff can serve customers efficiently, minimizing wait times and maximizing customer satisfaction. The simplified process also helps reduce congestion at the counter and kitchen area, allowing for smoother operations within the limited space available. By using Polar Powder, employees can quickly and easily create frozen drinks in just seconds, resulting in a consistent product every time.

Frozenta offers additional assistance in the form of online resources. We provide step-by-step recipes for new drinks, making it easy for employees to follow along and create unique and memorable treats. This support helps eliminate the guesswork that often accompanies creating new and innovative frozen drink recipes.

By combining the simplicity of Polar Powder with Frozenta's online recipes and product support, hospitality establishments can offer a wide variety of tasty frozen drinks without sacrificing quality. This enables employees to consistently create delicious frozen treats, regardless of their experience level, and ensures that customers receive a memorable and enjoyable experience. And all of this comes with the built-in advantage of lower inventory cost, along with exemplary customer service.

Frozenta’s polar powder can not only help you create better frozen drinks for your customers, but it allows you to be more creative with whatever products you currently carry. Try it yourself absolutely free of charge by requesting the Frozenta’s Mocha Sample Kit.

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