What Makes Frozenta So Great For Your Business and Your Customers

The coffee industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumer preferences, including convenience, a desire for social experiences, and the customer demanding unique and high-quality beverages.

The exponential growth in frozen drink sales has largely been driven by the appeal of these drinks to millennial and Generation Z consumers who value refreshing and innovative beverage options. Over the past decade, cold drink sales in coffee shops have more than doubled, reflecting the evolving tastes and preferences of the younger generations. In some coffee shops, frozen drinks can contribute to a substantial portion of total sales, accounting for as much as 70% of their revenue. The combination of unique flavors, eye-catching presentation, and customizable options has made frozen drinks a favorite choice for many coffee shop customers.


Frozenta, established in Ohio in 2011, is the perfect partner for your restaurant, café, or coffee shop to capitalize on these evolving trends. Frozenta is a wholesale distributor specializing in providing versatile blended drink products to create a range of frozen espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and smoothie drinks. We offer our products to coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants seeking to offer a diverse selection of blended beverages to their customers. The company focuses on achieving the ideal balance of smoothness and rich flavor in their products, ensuring a satisfying experience for customers.

Frozenta's dedication to quality and taste has made us a preferred choice for hundreds of independent coffee shops across the country. By using Frozenta's products, coffee shops can consistently produce profitable and delicious frozen drinks that keep their customers coming back for more.

While there are countless advantages to using our high-quality powdered drink mixes, syrups and sauces, here are three great things that make your partnership with Frozenta and our products a mutually rewarding one.

Cost Savings

The flagship product of Frozenta is the all-in-one Polar Powder, a base mix that serves as the foundation for creating various frozen drink combinations. This versatile powder allows customers to offer a wide array of blended drinks using a single product, providing flexibility and convenience. By using Polar Powder, establishments can streamline their inventory management and simplify their ordering process by eliminating the need for multiple ingredients for different blended drink recipes. Most importantly, drinks made with Polar Powder are consistently great, eliminating the risk of irregular quality that often happens with recipes that call for as many as a dozen ingredients. A Polar Powder-based frozen beverage is made quickly and efficiently, meaning your shop has happier staff and a happier customer, who has their custom beverage in hand in a remarkably short period of time.

But the most obvious advantage of Polar Powder is cost. Polar Powder can be the base for an almost unlimited number of frozen drink products, and Frozenta offers Polar Powder at a base price that is nearly one-third less than similar products from our competitors. All our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your café, coffee shop or restaurant; by removing the middleman and his associated unnecessary markup, we offer all our products at prices that help drive your profits.

We also offer ready-to-blend fruit smoothie mixes, as well as an array of sauces and syrups to customize frozen drinks. Like Polar Powder, all our products are priced competitively, meaning your café or coffee shop can offer a broad array of frozen drinks at a fair price, with industry-leading profit margins helping to support your bottom line.


Free Shipping

In an era of upcharges, fuel surcharges, and inflation, Frozenta commits to work with our customers as business partners. All Frozenta products are offered with prompt—and most importantly—free standard shipping, with no minimum order. That means your store can operate a just-in-time inventory system, and place multiple orders during a week, should that solution fit your need. And every time, each box is sent to you for free.

The lack of processing charges, freight charges, and shipping fees means that on average, customers who use Frozenta brand products save between 20-30 percent on shipping costs alone over those who use other vendors.


Whether your frozen beverage is based on coffee, tea, or fruit flavors, Frozenta offers a product to help you make a high-quality beverage that tastes great every time. Our product development team constantly works with our retail partners to develop and refine recipes and demonstrate the versatility of our products. We post recipes with videos on our website, teaching our customers new ways to make a delicious frozen treat with almost unlimited possible flavor combinations, from birthday cake to red velvet to chocolate to traditional coffee-based frozen drinks.

Polar Powder by Frozenta offers coffee shops a valuable solution for optimizing their inventory management, particularly in limited spaces. The versatility of Polar Powder eliminates the need for various ingredients and equipment associated with different frozen drink recipes. By using Polar Powder as a base, coffee shops can simplify their inventory and reduce the number of individual components required to create a wide variety of frozen drinks.


In addition to inventory simplification, the shelf-stable nature of Polar Powder allows it to be stored without refrigeration or extensive storage space. This is particularly beneficial for coffee shops with limited space, as it frees up valuable room for other essential items and promotes an organized and efficient workflow.

The long shelf life of Polar Powder means coffee shops can maintain a compact supply of Polar Powder without worrying about frequent restocking or expiration concerns. This minimizes the risk of product waste, optimizing overall inventory control.

By incorporating Polar Powder into their inventory management strategy, coffee shops can effectively streamline their operations, maximize their use of limited space, and simplify the process of creating a variety of frozen drinks. Overall, the versatility, compact storage requirements, and long shelf life of Polar Powder make it an excellent asset for coffee shops aiming to optimize their inventory management, especially in settings with limited space.

Frozenta’s polar powder will help you grow your customer base and your profits at the same time. We beat our competitors by 30% in cost and the drink possibilities are endless! Try our Polar Powder yourself completely free of charge. Get your free brain freeze in a box by doing the following:

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