Frozen Drinks and Traffic

Today’s customers are hungry for new experiences in new destinations, and with their return to a more active and more public life post-pandemic, they crave new food and beverage experiences. And one of the key products you can offer to craft these new experiences are quality frozen drinks. Frozen drinks increase traffic by providing a product that the customer perceives as being difficult to prepare at home.

All of which means frozen drinks are a now critical to help you retain customers and primed to support your efforts to maintain consistent traffic throughout the day and grow your daily sales volume.

Frozen Drinks Drive Sales

Most coffee shops have shown consistent growth over the past five years, a trend that is only expected to escalate. And nearly 85 percent of coffee-related spending occurs outside the home. With their strong appeal to millennial and Generation Z consumers, cold drink sales at coffee shops have more than doubled in the past decade; in some stores frozen drinks are as much as 70% of sales.  In the current economy, frozen beverages are a surefire method to increase sales.

Fun Frozen Drinks Increase Loyalty and Margins

And the margins on frozen drinks can be as much as 300 percent greater than those of traditional brewed coffee beverages. A successful frozen drink menu requires retailers to be creative, open-minded, and asks them to reimagine existing drinks by incorporating flavors you already have on hand, creating drinks that represent your community and your clientele.

Fantastic frozen concoctions are more than an easy and clever way to kickstart your summer menu. Well-designed frozen drinks can be had for a premium price, increasing your profit, and offer an attractive product suitable for any member of the family during any time of the year.

Additionally, since frozen beverages are a specialty menu item, they give customers a better dining experience at your establishment, which raises customer loyalty. A well-styled photo of a premium frozen drink is a proven driver of traffic on social media and can be used to attract new and return customers with smartly tailored promotions. 

Flexibility, Fun and Profit with Polar Powder

That’s why smart coffee shop owners turn to a versatile product, Frozenta’s Polar Powder, as the base for an ever-expanding menu of specialty frozen drinks. Polar Powder is used as a frozen drink base to make hundreds of flavorful, high-profit beverages. Polar Powder blends with any existing brand of coffee and syrups your shop currently uses to make nearly unlimited flavor combinations. Want to make a White Chocolate Mocha or a Peanut Butter Toffee frozen drink? Polar Powder will make them both. Your employee’s training curve is shortened because they only use one powder. And that reduced inventory means lower carrying costs, a cleaner work area, less returned or remade beverages, and happier customers, who are served flavorful drinks with ease and on time.

Polar Powder can make a huge impact on the quality and value you already provide to your customers, not to mention, the profits it adds to your businesses bottom line. 

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