Customer Support and Frozenta

Whether you are new to the coffee business, or an experienced hand with multiple locations, partnering with Frozenta is a key to maximizing profits. Our products, powders, syrups, and our service are important tools in helping you keep and maintain not just happy customers, but happy employees as well.

Offering high-quality coffee, tea, and frozen beverages can help set a coffee shop apart from competitors and build a loyal customer base, and Frozenta is a key ingredient in those drinks. Using fresh ingredients and providing consistent quality can help keep customers coming back.


By using FROZENTA's powders and sauces for frozen blended coffee and tea beverages, coffee shops can benefit from high-quality ingredients that offer great taste and smoothness. The fact that FROZENTA ships directly to coffee shops and doesn't charge for shipping can help reduce costs for the coffee entrepreneur and increase profitability. By offering a profitable and delicious frozen drink menu, with frozen drinks made from a variety of recipes and based on Frozenta POLAR POWDER, coffee shops can attract new customers, build loyalty, and generate revenue throughout the year.

If you’re considering adding a frozen drink to your menu, Frozenta stands ready to assist. offering a broader menu, including a focus on frozen drinks, can be a key driver of daily sales, ROI, and margins for coffee shops. By diversifying your menu and emphasizing frozen drinks, your shop can tap into a growing market and offer customers more choices and variety. With frozen drinks now representing roughly half of daily sales per store, there is a clear opportunity for coffee shops to benefit from this trend and make your shop not just a place for morning hot coffee, but a vibrant retail establishment with consistent traffic throughout the day.

Recipe and Menu Planning Help

A fun frozen drink program can help build a loyal customer base and generate positive word-of-mouth. With customers returning again and again to enjoy their favorite frozen drinks, coffee shops create a strong sense of community and a unique brand identity. By continually experimenting with new flavors and combinations, coffee shops can keep their menu fresh and exciting, further driving sales and customer loyalty. Frozenta works with our retail partners to develop and share recipes that allow you to make frozen drinks based on seasonal ingredients to keep new customers walking in the door year-round. Whether it’s a berry-based concoction to welcome spring, a pumpkin latte freeze that is the popular flavor of the fall, or a flavor profile that mimics your favorite cookie or cake recipe, Frozenta Polar Powder allows you to make consistent high-quality drinks that are broaden your customer base. We help your make the best drinks possible from our library of recipes here: 

Dedicated Account Manager 

We don’t just help you create tasty treats that get handed over the counter to customers, we help with what happens behind the counter and in the back office as well. Using Frozenta products, especially Polar Powder, helps free counter space and make your retail location look clean, sleek, and well organized.

Frozenta gives each customer a dedicated account manager who promptly replies to any inquiry, and whose knowledge about the business will help you partner with us to provide high quality service. Your account manager can help:

  • Figure out what to order
  • Place orders that are the right volume and the right product
  • Help you design recipes specific to your needs, your inventory, and your location.

We can even help you adjust recipes to fit specific taste profiles (too sweet, too fruity, not sweet enough) or your wish to feature quality regional ingredients.

Great Price, Quick Shipping and Always Free Shipping

In most cases, orders for Frozenta syrups, sauces and powders have next business day fulfillment, minimizing lead times and ensuring products are on the way to the consumer quickly, efficiently, and always at a great price.

Products can be ordered directly from our website with standard delivery times, or we can assist in designing an expediting shipping solution if you need the product quickly.

Polar Powder is priced roughly 30% lower than similar products from other vendors, and our syrups and sauces offer that same competitive pricing advantage. And all our products come with free standard shipping.

Frozenta’s polar powder can help you create drinks your customers will love and want to share. The polar powder base makes the drink possibilities endless. If you ever have questions on recipes or how to use any of their products, we are always here to help answer questions and give suggestions.

Try it yourself absolutely free of charge by requesting our Mocha Sample Kit. You can try the best frozen mocha you've ever had and have some left over to experiment with different drinks. Just do the following steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Create an Account
  3. Add the Mocha Sample Kit to your Cart
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