With the gross profit margin for a cup of between 70 to 80 percent, a brewed cup of coffee is a great product for entrepreneurs to serve. However, the low retail price for brewed coffee and the intense labor required for specialty hot drinks means a successful shop must sell a large volume of coffee daily to have a profitable overall business.  Adding frozen drinks to your regular menu gives you a chance to add a variety of products and flavors that appeal to a much broader cross section of consumers, and help make your coffee shop a destination for more than the single cup of coffee morning customer.


Savvy coffee shop owners have discovered that a broader menu, with an increasing focus on frozen drinks, is a key to higher daily sales, a better return on investment, and larger margins. And now that  frozen drinks account for between 40 to over 70 percent of sales per store, frozen drinks now represent a key item to quickly broaden your menu in a fun and cost effective way.  And while their sales may surge during warmer months, savvy business owners recognize that in recent years they have also emerged as consistent performers year-round. The minimal investment in product, equipment and training only adds to the appeal of frozen drinks


Some more good news for coffee shops: a frozen product offers 200% higher profit potential than traditional brewed coffee drinks, including specialty coffees. And finally, the even better news is that frozen drinks are hugely popular among millennials and generation Z, so they are a great introduction to the offerings, flavor palette and fun that a coffee shop can offer.

Just as different roasts and different tea types attract different types of customers, the huge variety of possible flavor combinations in frozen beverages mean the entire family can enjoy a beverage at the same store. 


Another great synergy for Frozen drinks and the younger market is the expansion of social media, particularly, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok with its heavy emphasis on younger consumers and the fun it can create for them as content creators.  Fun and attractive drinks means that frozen beverages have never been more popular because kids love to share their fun.

Any seasoned veteran of the restaurant business will tell you that the key to maximizing profits is to offer a broad number of menu choices built upon versatile foundational ingredients. Polar Powder by Frozenta serves as the versatile building block for an unimaginable number of flavor combinations, and can be used with your existing syrups and sauces to create a broad menu tailored to the community you love and serve.


The combination of profit potential--a frozen drink that can retail at a $5 or $6 price point may have a 30% COGS but adds an impressive $4.20 in profit—and the higher likelihood of a guest ordering several times a week means that frozen drink offerings are a critically important tool to increase daily sales. FROZENTA makes it easy to deliver consistent quality frozen drinks with the right value already built in, and makes it easy to create craveable drink creations that keep them coming into your business.

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