3 Key Takeaways form Anaheim Coffee Fest 2023

              I’ve just returned from Anaheim, California for another great Coffee Fest weekend! Coffee Fest teamed up with the Western Food and Restaurant Show to bring thousands of people to the Anaheim convention center for 3 days’ worth of industry knowledge and connections. We had a great time at the show talking with attendees about how Frozenta can make a big impact on their business. Some attendees were new coffee shop owners while others already owned a coffee shop but were looking for a better product to provide to their customers. I heard several issues that owners are currently facing, and I wanted to share my 3 takeaways with you.

Drink Variety Is Important

              The number one thing I spoke with business owners about was their need to offer a variety of drinks for their customers. This is tough to do when you need so many products to carry a variety of menu options. You need space for your equipment, sauces/syrups, cups, baked goods…you name it. This is an area that Frozenta can make a big impact in. Our universal Polar Powder is the only powder you need to make almost any frozen drink you can imagine. It allows you to add new drinks to your menu without investing in more products to make those drinks. You can add Polar Powder to make frozen teas, chai, mochas, and put it into smoothies. The possibilities are limitless with our powder.

Getting Product When You Need It

              The second issue that came up in Anaheim was distribution and supplier issues. Several owners talked to me about having issues with their supplier in getting products. Either their supplier could not get the product, or their deliveries were late in getting to them. In the coffee shop world reliability on your supplier to have the product in-stock and to deliver the product on time is key to you maximizing your profits and providing your customers with a great experience. This is another area where Frozenta can make an immediate positive impact for you. We have never been out-of-stock with our products. We work hard to stay on top of all our warehouse quantities to give our customers confidence when they place orders with us. Second, and probably the biggest perk, shipping is ALWAYS FREE with us! We have NO minimum requirements. To put it in easier terms, you can order every day of the week and we will never charge you for shipping. One of our current customers saved over $3,000 last year in shipping fees alone! The impact can’t be understated!

Whey Protein Powder In Demand

              The third and final takeaway from Anaheim Coffee Fest was the request for healthier/protein powder options. Most coffee shops that offer a protein option to their customers must purchase protein from a supplement company and add it to their drinks (on top of all the other ingredients. This not only raised the business’s cost of making the drink, but you must charge the customer more to account for the added ingredients. The way to solve the cost increase and to simplify the drink making process is to use Frozenta’s Protein Powder. Our Protein Powder has the whey protein already mixed when you add it to the blender. This eliminates purchased extra protein from the store and running the risk of the ingredients not being blended correctly. The Protein Powder blends the same way our Polar Powder does. Same smooth consistency with the added benefit of lower sugar and whey protein.

Mocha Sample Kit

Frozenta’s has been around since 2011 and we have a long track record of providing great products, at a great price for all our customers. Everyone I spoke with in Louisville during Coffee Fest got a free sample kit to try it for themselves. I would love to extend that offer to you as well. Try it before you buy it with no strings attached. I just ask for your honest feedback on our products. We are committed to creating products that have our customers and their customers loving what they drink! To get your free Micha Sample Kit just do the following:

  1. Create an account (https://frozenta.com/account/register)
  2. Add the Sample Kit to your cart
  3. Use the code “Takeaways” at checkout
  4. Enjoy

The sample kit will allow you to make 10-16oz drinks. You can make a frozen mocha right out of the box but I encourage you to experiment with the polar powder and get creative so you can see how flexible and amazing our products really are.