Sauces Stir Up Frozen Coffee Drink Market.

Coffee shops, restaurants, cafés and bakeries have a new tool in the ongoing quest to tempt consumer tastes with new flavors of frozen coffee drinks: Frozenta signature sauces. Available in chocolate, white chocolate and caramel, these premium sauces complement the company’s Polar Powder and Hot Chocolate Freeze blended drink mixes to create an even wider range of refreshing frozen beverages.


“Made with premium ingredients, Frozenta Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel sauces help coffee shops and restaurants put together drinks that stand out in a crowded market,” said Frozenta Growth Manager Bill Brown. “Perfected in select coffee houses across the country, the new sauces and our existing base drink mixes meld with fresh espresso shots to create some of the tastiest drinks on the market.”


“Frozenta signature sauces are designed to deliver superior taste and quality that keep customers coming back for more,” he added. “We believe beverages should be enjoyable to drink and simple to make – helping to create an open, “Zen” state of mind for baristas and consumers alike.”


The new signature syrups complement the company’s proven line of base mixes for blended coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks.


  • Frozenta’s Polar Powder provides a sweet, creamy base for a wide variety of frozen coffee and tea beverages. The universal blend allows for less clutter behind the counter and a greater range of blended drink options.


  • Polar Powder Protein Performance was created to provide fewer calories, less fat, less carbohydrates and higher protein frozen drinks to health conscious customers. It adds 8 grams grams of healthy whey protein per scoop to any blended drink.


  • Hot Chocolate Freeze adds frozen flare to blended chocolate and mocha drinks. Made with imported European chocolate, this mix adds an espresso-free drink option that is indulgent for dessert or as a shared drink for two.


Because of the product expansion, wholesale customers can now order Frozenta drink mixes and signature sauces by the case in a single order. The company offers free shipping for all orders across the continental U.S.