Frozenta... Who?

What’s Frozenta?

Frozenta is a delicious way to add flavor, flair and cash flow to your coffee shop, restaurant, café or bakery. Our blended iced coffee mixes, chocolate powder mix, and signature sauces inspire unique frozen blended drinks that keep customers coming back for more.

Americans drink more than 700 million frozen blended coffee drinks each year – and the market continues to grow. Customers look for rich, indulgent flavors in their morning coffee break or afternoon snack.  

Frozenta helps you exceed customer expectation, offering the perfect combination of smooth and rich flavors to take taste buds to a “Zen” place with each sip. Just add espresso, milk, tea, and other ingredients to create an unlimited variety of frozen blended drinks.

Competitively priced and crafted for ease-of-use, Frozenta is your secret ingredient to customer satisfaction and a profitable bottom line.

Frozen Blended Drink Mixes

Polar Powder – the versatile, all-in-one powder mix that started it all – is a single base for frozen Coffee and Tea beverages. Our customers find that Polar Powder increases efficiency and reduces waste behind the counter.

Protein Performance Polar Powder lets you offer frozen drinks with higher protein, fewer calories and less fat to health-conscious customers. It adds 9 grams of healthy whey protein isolate to each 16-oz drink.

Hot Chocolate Freeze powder adds frozen flair to the familiar, comforting taste of hot chocolate. Made with imported European chocolate, it produces a decadent experience unrivaled in the industry.

Signature Sauces

Frozenta Signature Chocolate Sauce is perfect for blending in drinks and drizzling on top of Mocha and other chocolate-themed coffee shop drinks.  Premium, all-natural ingredients create standout drinks for chocolate lovers.

Frozenta Signature White Chocolate Sauce adds an extra chocolate dimension to mochas and other chocolate drinks. This fine white chocolate sauce contains notes of cocoa butter and vanilla flavors.

Frozenta Signature Caramel Sauce offers the mellow, toasty flavor of true caramel. Blended in drinks or drizzled on top, it adds a subtle and satisfying flavor that delights customers.

Real Fruit Smoothie Mix

Frozenta Strawberry Smoothie Mix is a tart and sweet strawberry flavor. Made with real fruit puree, fruit juice, real sugar, and natural flavors.

Frozenta Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mix is the perfect balance of strawberry and banana flavors. Made with real fruit puree, fruit juice, real sugar, and natural flavors.

Frozenta Berry Smoothie Mix is a refreshing combination of strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry flavors. Made with real fruit puree, fruit juice, real sugar, and natural flavors.

Frozenta Mango Peach Smoothie Mix has a tropical mango flavor complemented with sweet, juicy peach flavor. Made with real fruit puree, fruit juice, real sugar, and natural flavors.

Just like our signature sauce and powder mix product lines; our smoothies are versatile and allow you to use your creativity to make a frozen blended drink your customers won’t forget. Did we mention these smoothies are made in just three simple steps? Measure, Blend, & Pour! 

Our Company

We believe beverages should be enjoyable to drink and simple to make! Launched in 2011, Frozenta is a wholesale distributor of versatile blended drink products to make frozen espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and smoothie drinks.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in coffee houses and restaurants, the Frozenta team works hard to perfect products that delight customers and make it easier to run a profitable coffee shop or restaurant.

Crafted at our Columbus, Ohio Innovation Lab, Frozenta blended drink mixes and signature sauces have been rigorously tested at hundreds of independent coffee houses in 36 states.

Your competitors use Frozenta. Shouldn’t you give us a try? Email or call (888) 786-0701 to find out how we can help drive customer satisfaction and profits for your restaurant, coffee shop, café, bakery or food service operation.