It’s official… Frozen drink season is upon us!  The temperature is rising and so is the demand for frozen drinks. Americans drink more than 700 million frozen blended coffee drinks each year – and the market continues to grow. Customers look for rich, indulgent flavors in their morning coffee break or afternoon snack.  Adding frozen drinks to your menu does not need to be complicated, with the right product you can recreate pretty much any hot drink into a frozen one.

A quick search through Google will bring up tons of products that brands want you to add to your café, but with limited counter space, you need to be selective when choosing a product. Enter Frozenta.

We have crafted an all-in-one powder that allows you to turn all those hot drinks into frozen ones with no worry. Frozenta helps you exceed customer expectation, offering the perfect combination of smooth and rich flavors to take taste buds to a “Zen” place with each sip. Just add espresso, milk, tea, and other ingredients to create an unlimited variety of frozen blended drinks.

Give these frozen drinks from our blog a try:

Hot Chocolate Freeze

White Chocolate and Caramel Freeze

Lavender White Chocolate Freeze

Celebration Cake Freeze


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