It’s such a fun time of year! Summer is ending and the kids are getting ready to head back to school. But there is still one thing left to do… visit the county or state fair! Visiting the fair brings tons of excitement from the fair rides to the food this is an end of summer must!

Our favorite part of the fair is the food, and that got us thinking about how we can turn our favorite fair foods into frozen drinks! This is a pretty easy task when Polar Powder and Hot Chocolate Freeze is involved. We selected some of our favorite syrups and sauces to incorporate into our frozen drinks.

For our first fair time drink, we did a Cotton Candy Freeze! This coffee shop drink can easily be added into your menu, all you need is raspberry syrup. Following our simple recipe of 2 scoops of Polar Powder, 4 pumps of raspberry syrup and milk we had cotton candy in a glass!

Next, we tried an Elephant Ear Freeze by incorporating cinnamon syrup into our Polar Powder. Following the same recipe, we had the perfect coffee shop drink! Just 2 scoops of Polar Powder and 4 pumps of cinnamon added with milk gave us a creamy elephant ear freeze

This is why Frozenta products were created in the first place. Our powder mix is so easy to use and can turn any frozen drink into a creamy coffee beverage. Now it’s your turn, what concoctions can you create with Polar Powder and Hot Chocolate Freeze?