Summer is coming to an end and sweater weather is just around the corner. It is officially fall on September 23rd, which is a  little less than a month away. That means it’s time to start planning your menu for the colder seasons to come.

Coffee shops all over are spicing up their menu with pumpkin, maple, hazelnut, pecan, caramel, and cinnamon. At Frozenta the frozen fun never stops that’s why we have come up with several fall frozen drinks for you to try! Here is what we have in store for September…

Maple Freeze, Cinnamon Graham Cracker, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Freeze, Caramel Apple Freeze, and last but not least…PUMPKIN FREEZE!

If frozen flare isn’t your thing then skip the blender and keep it hot, because with Frozenta all our recipes can be easily made hot, iced, or frozen.

Frozenta’s Signature Sauce melts perfectly into any hot drink.

Signature Chocolate Sauce- Rich chocolate and cocoa flavors create the perfect mocha with this Signature Sauce. Top off any drink by drizzling chocolate on top - double chocolate deliciousness!

Signature White Chocolate Sauce- Silky cocoa butter blended with vanilla for a perfect creamy flavor to add some sophistication and flair to your mocha! 

Signature Caramel Sauce- This is the perfect creamy balance of sweet brown sugar vanilla and cream. Mix with any drink to create a caramel sensation!

Frozenta products are crafted for all Coffee and Tea beverages to offer the perfect combination of smooth and rich flavors to take your taste buds to a “Zen” place with each sip. They are thoughtfully selected to offer convenience and awesomeness for you and your customers and are shipped directly to you for FREE!